Karpathian Progressive Association of Australia
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Upcoming Events 2013/14


  • Fishing Competition 21st -23rd February 2014





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Annual BBQ Photos 2013


Christmas Party Photos 2012


Kalendar Photos 2012


Fishing Tournament Photos 2013




















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  • Membership form


Regular members: of the Association may be all those who originate from Karpathos and reside in Australia and who are above the age of 18 years.

Financial members: may be others who do not originate from Karpathos but these have no right to elect or be elected.






Regular members of the Association are considered only those who can pay their annual membership fees and their names appear in the Association's Members Register. Annual membership fee for each member is set at $10.00 for males/females at the age of 18 or above. Members under the age of 18 irrespective of their sex have no right of electing or being elected.

Active members: are considered only those who are up to date financial members or those who have been regular financial members in the past.






Every member who delays paying his/her contribution ceases to be an active member. He/She is to be considered active again only when he/she has paid his/her arrears. Exempted are those who departed from Australia and upon their return they are not obliged to pay arrears. They may however, become active members after they have paid membership fees for the current years. The right to elect and be elected will apply only to those who are active members and/or those who have paid their membership fees and are18 years of age or above.






No member who is regular, active or financial has the right to claim refund of his/her already paid contribution.